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Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress, writer, and stand-up comedian. She began appearing as Toula in the SBS comedy series Pizza from 2003 and made several appearances in the sketch comedy series The Wedge. more...


Pitch Perfect 2
Official | IMDB
Role: Eric
Status: Post Production
Release Date: 2014
Synopsis: A 1970's-set drama centered around the friendship between a kid with cerebral palsy and a troubled runaway.

Night at the Museum 3
Official | IMDB
Role: IMDB
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: December 19, 2014
Synopsis: The plot is unknown at this time.

He's F***ing Perfect
Official | IMDB
Role: TBA
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: TBA
Synopsis: An Internet savvy woman convinces her friend to dump her new boyfriend so she can date him instead.

Kung Fu Panda 3
Official | IMDB
Role: Voice
Status: Filming
Release Date: 2015
Synopsis: The plot is unknown at this time.

Super Fun Night
Official | IMDB | Photos | Trailer
Role: Kimmie Boubier
Status: Season 2 TBA
Release Date: October 02, 2013
Synopsis: Three nerdy female friends decide to have super fun every Friday night.


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April 11th, 2014

wetpaint.com – We don’t yet know too much about what will happen in the Glee episode that Chris Colfer (Kurt) has written. But has he included a part for his pal Rebel Wilson?

Chris has finished his script for Season 5, Episode 19: “Old Dogs, New Tricks,” which the show has already started moving forward on. Chris has previously revealed that his episode will involve “animals and the elderly,” which seems rather cryptic. Maybe Klaine will be getting a puppy?

E! News asked Chris whether hilarious actress Rebel, who starred in Kurt’s 2012 movie Struck By Lightning, might end up appearing in his episode. “Oh, I would love to have her on,” Colfer replies. “She’s incredible, and I’d love to have her on in any way. Plus, she can sing.”

She sure can sing! Rebel will soon be appearing in Pitch Perfect 2, and she even auditioned to be a cast member on Glee back in her pre-fame days. Sadly, we’re guessing Rebel is probably too busy to appear on Glee nowadays, since she currently stars on her own ABC show, Super Fun Night. But we’d love to see Rebel on Glee at some point!

Would you like to see Rebel Wilson as a Glee guest star?

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March 30th, 2014

Rebel Wilson and Hugh Sheridan attend a hockey game between the Washington Capitals and the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center on March 20, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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March 18th, 2014

Australian actress Rebel Wilson is the voice of Hopper the Kangaroo is a new series of commercials from Dish. The commercial is set in an office. Hopper uses Dish Anywhere to watch college basketball games at work. She hides her tablet in her pouch when the boss walks by. Rebel will reprise her role as Fat Amy in a Pitch Perfect sequel. It has not yet been announced whether or not Rebel’s funny sitcom, Super Fun Night, will be renewed.

March 18th, 2014

Starpulse.com – Production on Will Ferrell’s latest comedy He’s F**king Perfect has stalled due to scheduling issues.

Les Miserables star Amanda Seyfried was cast in the film late last year (Dec13) after Emma Stone dropped out, but now the troubled project has been shelved indefinitely because the actress and co-star Rebel Wilson are preparing to shoot sequels to Ted and Pitch Perfect, respectively.

A source tells the New York Post, “(Moviemakers are) unsure whether the project will come back together with the same cast.”

The film centres upon a woman who helps her friends find love online.

March 13th, 2014

Thanks to Claudia, we have some amazing new outtakes of Rebel from her shoot with Lucky magazine back in 2012. She looks amazing so check these out in the gallery.

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March 10th, 2014


Rebel Wilson attends the 10th Anniversary Desert Smash at La Quinta Resort and Club in La Quinta, California


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March 9th, 2014

I have added some more photos of Rebel from her Us Weekly photoshoot from last year. They have been added to the gallery. It will continue to be updated as soon as more images are released. So check those out.

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February 24th, 2014

On the season finale of Super Fun Night, Rebel Wilson’s Kimmie has a super-big decision to make about her love life.

Her choices in this debate of the heart: James (Nate Torrence), the sweet and goofy boyfriend, and Richard (Kevin Bishop), Kimmie’s co-worker whose growing affections bubbled to the surface last week and culminated with a big smooch. In the finale, “She kind of manages to scramble and decide which one she’s going to go after,” teases Wilson.

It’s a classic story of torn affection, but oddly, what Wilson is most proud of in the show’s 17-episode run is that there has been, as she sees it, very little classic about it. “It has a unique tone to it compared to other comedies,” she says. But the actress/writer/EP admits that finding the right balance between her signature raunchy humor, dramatic elements, and broad comedy wasn’t easy. “This is my first foray into American television, and I guess what I didn’t realize is…[the list of] what you can’t say is huge,” she says. “There was always at least five minutes cut from every episode of what I thought was super hilarious stuff, but what they deemed inappropriate for family television, whether it was the words I was using or the intention.”

Last week’s Wilson-penned episode, for example, originally contained a flashback scene to a previous year in which Wilson’s character ate a whole pizza on Valentine’s Day because she was depressed and ended up getting an “attack of irritable bowel syndrome.” “[The character] was wearing a beret at the time and I had to go into this alleyway and sh– into the beret,” she says. It got cut.

Wilson doesn’t fault the big bosses for their practices, however, and says she took the feedback as an opportunity to add more dramatic elements to the scripts, like relationship issues. If the show gets a second season, “I want to do that more.”

The chances of a second season remain slim, however, according to TV insiders. But Wilson has planned for that by filming a musical number (the song? “Fat Bottomed Girls”) that has elements that bring closure to the characters. And though it has been the trend of canceled shows to seek second lives elsewhere — especially cable networks or ever-evolving online hosts like Netflix, who revived Arrested Development — Wilson says if axed, she has no plans to move forward, citing many feature film projects in the works, like the sequel to 2012′s Pitch Perfect. “I’m just so excited,” Wilson says of the movie, which will be helmed by first-time director Elizabeth Banks. “I think a lot of people don’t realize that Elizabeth was a producer and really [formed] the idea and put it all together. She was on set with us every 6 a.m. start. She was there with her little coat freezing along with us. She’s more than qualified.”

Regardless, of what the future holds for Fun Night, Wilson considers it a win creatively and in terms of the effort put into it. “TV is hard,” she says. “We did 8.5 hours of content and 17 episodes in seven months — from scratch to airing, which is like doing 4.5 movies back-to-back…which is insane. … Going through the network TV process just makes you really respect the people who have their own shows and are a performer. And there aren’t that many.”

- source: insidetv.ew.com

February 22nd, 2014

Noooo!! But we LOVE her show!!

Rebel Wilson’s super HIGHlarious comedy, Super Fun Night, on ABC is AH-MAZING and has even won awards, but the adorable Aussie starlet has prepared herself for the worst, just in case.

Ya know, like if her show ISN’T renewed for another season!

And how has she prepared?!?

Well, she’ll just go back to doing what she’s put on hold for a year – movies!

She said:
“I’m very happy with what we’ve done, but I also have a backlog of film projects — because Super Fun Night took me out of movies for the year — so I’ll get on those in the event that it doesn’t go ahead. Either way I think I’ll be fine, but I certainly have got big ideas for these characters moving forward in the second series.”

Well, fingers crossed it doesn’t get canceled!

But we hope she goes back to doing films AND television!

We miss her funny Aussie self popping up and making us laugh until we wet our pants!

- source: perezhilton.com

February 22nd, 2014

The US networks are about to announce which series will be renewed for the second half of 2014, and which will be terminated. This column polled the predictors in the US media, and concluded bad news will land on the doorstep of three Australians: Toni Collette (in Hostages), Jason Gann (in Wilfred) and Rebel Wilson (in Super Fun Night), although she can console herself with this comment from Entertainment Weekly: “Time to give up on this project, but not Rebel Wilson. She’ll be back on TV — just not in this.”

The US version of Rake is “probably dead”, according to EW, and The Mentalist is highly doubtful. But our Poppy Montgomery is guaranteed to return in a new season of Unforgettable.

Other doomed series include: Almost Human, Californication, The Carrie Diaries, Dracula, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood. In doubt are New Girl, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Two and a Half Men.

Revenge has been sinking in the US ratings, but is described as “a DVR hit”, meaning so many are recording it, the network cannot afford to kill it. Other shows lifted from earlier “doubtful” status to “assured” include: Arrow, Bones, Castle, Elementary, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The New Girl, Once Upon A Time, Parenthood, and Person of Interest.

- source: theage.com.au